Finding the right rental property

can seem like a lengthy and often daunting process. At Nidus Group Real Estate, we are here to help every step of the way, from viewing the property to vacating the property, to ensure you have a positive experience as a Nidus Group tenant.

Rental payments

you are required under the Act to pay rent in accordance with your lease agreement. This means your rent should be paid in advance at all times. Late rental payments are a breach of your agreement and can result in the termination of the lease. If you are experiencing difficulty in paying rent on time, contact your property manager and advise of your situation. It is important to communicate regularly with your property manager and in certain circumstances, payment arrangements can be made.

Property Condition

each tenant is provided with an ingoing condition report and photos of the property on signing the lease agreement allowing you to agree, disagree and list any other relevant information relating to the condition of the property. You are requied to sign and return a copy of this to your property manager within 7 days of signing your lease. This is one of the most important documents you will receive. At the end of your tenancy, a final inspection will be completed, comparing the property condition to that of the ingoing condition report. The tenant is not permitted to alter the property in any way without the consent of the landlord. Throughout the tenancy, it is the tenants responsibility to ensure the property is kept clean and tidy both inside and outside and that no damage occurs. Your property manager will carry out regular inspections and report back to the landlord on the property condition.

Repairs & Maintenance

Tenants have a duty of care to the landlord of reporting any maintenance issues or repairs that may arise during the tenancy. These repairs and maintenance must be submitted in writing to your property manager as soon as possible for authorisation from the landlord.

Urgent Repairs

tenants must make a considerable and immediate attempt to advise the property manager of any urgent or emergency repairs. If no contact can be made, the tenant may engage a qualified tradesperson to attend to the repair. (Refer to your lease agreement for emergency contacts and policies relating to reimbursement of payments).


On the commencement of your tenancy, each tenant signing the lease will receive a set of keys to the premises. Any extra sets required can be cut at your own expense. If for any reason the locks are changed, you MUST provide the Agent with a set of keys. Failing to provide the agent with the new keys is a breach of your tenancy agreement. In the event that you are locked out, you may contact the agent and arrange to collect the office set of keys providing photo identification is shown. If this occurs out of office hours, try contacting your property manager or our preferred locksmith, who’s cost will be forwarded to the tenant for payment.

Change of Shared Tenancy Arrangement

If at anytime during your tenancy the occupants alter from those originally set out in the lease agreement, you must seek the landlords permission to add or remove any occupants from the lease. Your landlord has approved the tenancy in the names as stated and signed on the Lease Agreement. If a new person wishes to occupy the premises, they are required to complete and submit a Tenancy Application Form and have it approved by the Landlord.


Emergency Repairs

You must also seek the landlords approval to remove any names from the lease and a Change of Shared Tenancy Form must be signed by all names listed on the lease agreement. The Rental Bond Board will be notified of any changes to the tenancy arrangement and at no time during the tenancy will the bond be refunded. The occupants or tenants must arrange payment of compensation for the bond amongst themselves.

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