What is my property worth?

There are two ways of looking at the value of
your property;
Comparable Value is the estimated worth of a
property when compared with others recently
sold similar in location, accommodation and
to a degree presentation. This is merely a
subjective opinion and ignores the value
variables that can enhance the value of your
Certainly, we look at this as a starting point
and we would be happy to share this with
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Market Value Report

It’s important to remember that to a home
buyer, no two properties are exactly the

What will my property
sell for?

Market Value is what a property actually
sells for and this can be above or below
the comparable estimation.
Market Value can only be determined
by taking the property to market.

The Value Variables

There are many factors that affect the
value of property both positively and
negatively, some of which are beyond
Examples of uncontrollable variables
are the current supply and demand for
property generally, regulated lending
rates and what other property sellers
might consider selling for.
All of these variables can affect your
What can influence value positively, and
is not only within our control but where
the skill of a professional agents comes
to bear, is enhanced perception of the
property via imaginative marketing
along with an upward implied value
established by professional negotiation.
And of course skilled communication
contributes to value.
We leverage Value through marketing,
negotiation and communication

Who should sell your

Of course we believe in what an engaged
professional brings to the table. However, we
understand you have options.

You could sell the property yourself, taking
on all the marketing, advertising, legals,
buyer enquiry, negotiation and so on

Attracting a buyer is the relatively easy part.

Understand that there is a hidden cost risk
- you may undersell without knowing it.
Securing the premium buyer under the best
terms and conditions is not easy

If you do go this route, please feel free to ask
us for some free advice.

We’re honestly happy to give

Our success, and the success of your sale,
is built on three pillars...


Marketing is more than
taking some pics and
putting them on the web.
It’s all about creating a
perception. It’s about
understanding the buyers,
the competition, your
property and the wider

Only when we’ve created
the perception do we begin
to advertise it.


Honestly, property being
undersold upsets us. We
take it personally when we
see a listing that we know,
had we listed it, we could
have achieved more for.
But we see it happen all
the time. Negotiation skills
are something we train
rigorously on and take very

We’re legally obliged to
present the offers to you
but we’re professionally
obligated to tear some of
those offers up after doing
so and negotiating hard
on your behalf to increase
them. And increase them we

Many agents will tell you
they’re good negotiators,
but we can prove it. Ask us
and we’ll show you.


Communication is key to our

You’ll have complete
confidence in your decisions,
through understanding the
market as well as we do.

fifth page

How much should an
agent cost?

That’s a tricky question, but look at it this
way - you don’t actually pay an agent, we
literally earn the fee. You don’t pay an agent
till they get you the price you want, and that
covers their fee.

When you boil it down, a great agent should
cost you nothing because you’ll end up with
more in your pocket.

Evaluating Real Estate

You owe it to yourself to talk to a few agents
and agencies and get a feel for their skills.
You should even look into some of the newer
sales models, find out exactly what they
offer, and check out the DIY options. Go to
some open homes and audition the agents.
Have a look at your competition, and ours.

We’re essentially suggesting setting up
a business partnership so the fit has to be
right for you.
And then get in touch with us.
We’ll not just tell you, but prove to you that
your property is worth more with us.
We’ll start moving you from your first
contact and won’t stop until the boxes are
in the truck


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