We believe in helping you achieve your property investment dreams faster by providing you with a return on your investment and creating an experience that makes Nidus group Real Estate somewhere everyone is proud to love.

The faith you place in Nidus group real estate to represent you in the management of your property is a privilege we take pride in and our Complete Property Management Plan contains the strategy and activities we use to create more profit for you.

We want you to stay connected to your property at a level that suits your situation while we take care of all of the work in managing the rights and obligations of the tenancy as well as the physical asset of the property. We personally invite every owner to each routine inspection held every 13 weeks and for those who are not able to attend we provide full colour photography in our reports of each of these visual inspections.


Our rental arrears process is performed daily and we commence this process from day one of arrears and you can rest assured that the financial management of your property is under control.

The end of a tenancy can be a critical time and it really is the key indication of how well a property management has performed and the crucial deliverable you need from us as property managers. Our proactive and systemised approach has been developed for achieving excellence and is the model used in highly sought after industry training around the country.

So if you are ready for a fresh and proactive approach to property management, we would love to bring your property into our care here at Nidus group real estate.