Financial Calculators

Real estate includes a detailed set of calculations for understanding the future of property investments and estimating the pricing for house affordability.

    Nidus Group allows its clients to project future payments for property investment or house purchasing by the online financial calculator. We have added all the required details in the calculator algorithm and made the financial projections easiest for a common man.

Financial Calculator at Nidus Group web portal allows you to project: 

  • Mortgage management calculations
  • House pricing according to the area, availability of furniture utilities, and design of the house
  • Annual percentage rate (APR) calculations
  • Calculations for rental properties according to their facilitation, available utilities, useable accessories, land area, and land location.
  • Calculating down payments for the purchase of property of land or home.
  • Estimating income statement and cash flow on property investment
  • Projecting ratios of key operations such as Cash On Cash (COC), Capitalization Rate (CAP), Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR), Net Income Multiplier (NIM), Expense Ratio (ER), Price Per Unit, Value of Property according to CAP

Therefore, projecting financial calculations for real estate services is very simple with the Nidus Group’s financial Calculator. Moreover, we provide complete assistance regarding the conceptual understanding of financial estimations. So, contact us for further assistance.