Nidus Group of Agents


Nidus Group Real Estate is changing the face of the Real Estate industry. A boutique agency that is set-up to service everyone with the difference.

Bringing back the old values and customer service, all while moving forward with the times and utilizing the latest technology.

Whether Selling, Buying or Leasing, our expert team will be your guiding light. Experience, Commitment and Trust make up the backbone of Nidus Group Real Estate, that supports our team in achieving results.

Meet Our Team

Khurram Shehzad

Mobile: 0402 904 026
Email Khurram Shehzad

Ismail Ates

Mobile: 0434 577 067
Email Ismail Ates

Marvin Dayupay

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0433 042 763
Email Marvin Dayupay

Amit Thaker

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0401 339 555
Email Amit Thaker

Paige Oliver

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0416 871 102
Email Paige Oliver

Volkan Alagoz

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0416 691 101
Email Volkan Alagoz

Amber Carlson

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Amber Carlson

Lua Funaki

Sales Consultant
Mobile: 0426 351 107
Email Lua Funaki

Jackie Hartley

Sales & Marketing Manager
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Jackie Hartley

Louise-Anne Herring

Senior Property Manager
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Louise-Anne Herring

Stephanie Halteh

Property Portfolio Manager
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Stephanie Halteh

Chloe Oliver

New Business Manager
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Chloe Oliver

Chantell Neale

Front Office Manager
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Chantell Neale

Teneil Holland

Property Officer
Mobile: 02 9677 9999
Email Teneil Holland